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NEW Holland has an extensive square baler range, according to Boekeman Machinery, Brookton branch manager, Andrew Boekeman.
One of them, the Bigbaler 1290 Plus 2023 model, currently available at Boekeman Machinery’s Brookton branch, was introduced to the market in 2016, and makes for an attractive entry point for its price.
“This one makes quite a solid bale and they’re very efficient, very reliable and they’re a baler New Holland really spent some time developing,” Mr Boekeman said.
“It’s a 4 x 3, so it makes a 4 foot wide, 3 foot high, 9 foot long heavy bale.”
Depending on moisture conditions, an operator should be able to yield a 550 kilogram to 600kg bale, he added.
Mr Boekeman said Boekeman Machinery had added a few features to the Bigbaler, including weigh scales, a moisture meter and a camera.

“We fitted it out with an Australian-made moisture meter (a Gazeeka moisture meter), and it’s extremely accurate; you can get a New Holland one, but the one we’ve fitted on is just a bit more durable and accurate,” he said.
Moreover, the machine’s addition of the New Holland Loop Master Knotter effectively eliminates twine cut-offs in the bale.
“It makes it cleaner in the paddock as well, and you’re not wasting twine – some wool producers have issues with it because sheep are in there, they pick it up, and even eat it, so it’s not ideal,” Mr Boekeman said.
The baler inventory is expected to move out of the Boekeman yard from mid-June through to October.
“October is for baling but sometimes it goes into November, depending on the weather,” he said.
“The winter has started quite well, even though it’s been a really long dry spell until late May.
“If we get rain into September it probably will delay when we’ll sell them.

“But if it’s a sharp cut-off like last year, where it virtually cut off late August, we could see the sales really come to a stop like last year, because the growers will really worry about the loss of production and they won’t get as much hay.”

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Ben Boekeman is head of Sales & Precision Farming at Boekeman Machinery and a third-generation member of the Boekeman family. Working out of our Wongan Hills branch, Ben is passionate about the agricultural industry and the future of precision agriculture.

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