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Boekemans Truck Transport Services

In Western Australia, Boekemans is one of the few remaining family-owned farm machinery dealerships. With more than fifty years of experience in the large machinery industry, we put the needs of our customers first. As part of our commitment to customer service, we offer a safe and reliable transport service for all varieties of agricultural equipment stocked at Boekeman Machinery.

The experts at Boekemans are here to help you buy, move, and transport agricultural machinery, no matter where you live. In addition to providing farm machinery transport throughout Western Australia, we also offer interstate machinery transport options.  

To find out more about machinery relocation at Boekemans or to get a quote, contact Gordon Ogilvie on 0427 084 241.

Boekemans New Parts Delivery Service Truck

Boekemans Truck Transport Charges


Level 1: $5.50 + GST per km.

Any load under 3.5mtrs (no Pilots or Main Roads speed restrictions).


Level 2: $5.70 + GST per km.

Any load over 3.5mtrs (1 or 2 Pilots & Main Roads speed restriction to 80klms per hour). Floated & Towed Ag.

Level 3: $6.50 + GST per km.

Towed airseeders, bars & bin combinations (restricted to 40-60klms per hour, not by Main Roads, they are not designed to travel at any speed, tyre ratings & weight factor).

Towed Ag


Under 100km rate charge

Level 1 = $520.00 + GST

Level 2 = $540.00 + GST

Level 3 = $620.00 + GST

Pilot $1.90 + travel Time @ $50.00 + GST / hr when returning empty

(Over 3.5m 1 Pilot, Over 4.5m 2 Pilots)

Backloads half price.

Waiting time charged after 1 Hr @ $200.00 + GST / hr

Contact Gordon Ogilvie on 0427 084 241

Where Does Boekemans Transport Heavy Machinery?

No matter where you are in Australia, Boekemans can assist you with your farm machinery relocation and towing needs. We offer delivery for agricultural machinery purchases and trade-ins across Western Australia, as well as interstate machinery transportation solutions.

We understand that moving your machinery across the country can be intimidating, but when you find the right machine at the right price, distance doesn’t need to be an obstacle. Boekemans has over fifty years of experience in safe heavy machinery transport, and we are proud of our ability to deliver a quality service at a competitive price.

What Type Of Machinery Does Boekemans Transport?

Our professionals can transport any type of farming machinery sold at Boekeman Machinery. We can safely move everything from tractors to combine harvesters anywhere in Australia, including:

  • Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Tillages
  • Telehandlers
  • Chaser Bins
  • Tow-Behind Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Self Propelled Sprayers

Depending on the dimensions of the equipment, we can provide secure truck transport (including oversize machinery) or towing services to ensure your new investment reaches its destination safely. 

Additional conditions may apply to certain types and sizes of machinery, including curfews, traffic management conditions and permits.

White JCB truck for Boekemans transport services

Permits Required For Heavy Machinery Transport

Boekeman Machinery strictly follows all the recommended safety standards regarding permits and requirements for our farm machinery transport services. While each state has different laws regarding heavy machinery transport, this may include:

Oversize Overmass Permits (OSOM): Necessary for transporting oversized freight, are categorised according to the type of vehicle. Costs and operating conditions vary in each state depending on weight and dimensions.


Electricity Network Permit:
When moving taller machinery that might collide with overhead power lines, electricity network permits are essential, and special conditions may apply. An electricity network permit can be obtained from the local electricity network body in the relevant location. In WA, that means obtaining a Western Power permit for loads higher than 4.3m. A single application can be lodged where travel between Western Power’s network and Horizon Power’s network applies. 

Police Permit: Police permits are required for extremely large vehicles because of their slow speed and sheer size. In Western Australia, the MR19 Excessively Wide or Long Combination Permit is the relevant approval and can only be obtained from a WA Police station.

Traffic Escort Wardens & Pilots: A vehicle pilot or escort may also be required in highly trafficked areas, depending on the size and load. Read more about agricultural vehicle pilot requirements in WA here. 

Permits, pilots and escorts are subject to different regulations in different parts of Australia. When transporting heavy machinery outside of WA, the state’s main highways department can clarify what is required.

Huge truck transporting a large cylindrical container

Boekeman Machinery

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Preparing Agricultural Machinery For Transport

Preparing your agricultural machinery for transportation involves a few different steps, but it’s essential to streamline the transport process and avoid any damage.

Transporting farming machinery requires lowering all aerials. The equipment must also be cleaned of dirt, mud, water, oil, and ice before it is loaded since these can cause safety issues and incur quarantine costs.

Read more about preparing farm machinery for transport here.

Boekeman Machinery Transport Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read and understand our Terms and Conditions. If you have not already received a copy of these Terms and Conditions, a copy will be made available on request.

  • Please ensure that your own transit insurance is in place for any consignment. We do not cover accidental window damage.
  • An agreement is in place from either the submission of
            1. A written/emailed order
            2. A verbal acceptance
            3. The delivery of goods or services.
  • The quoted price is based on the information supplied. Should any information change, then the actual price may differ from the quotation.
  • Quotes are only valid for one month from the date of issue
  • All non-account holders are strictly pre-paid on all freight movements
  • Tyres, rims & axles on towed implements are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Aerials need to be lowered.
Boekeman's light-truck transport operator Marshall Reynolds unloading Nigel Lance from Bakers Hill New CASE IH Farmall 50B Compact 4wd Tractor & Loader plus a New BARRETT Backhoe Delivery

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