The Top Agricultural Shows in Australia

Ag shows are the beating heart of the community in many cities and towns, and for good reason. Agricultural shows in Australia both reflect and promote the success of the farming sector across the country.

The diverse agricultural landscape of Australia has driven our role as a leading global exporter, and Australia is one of the world’s best producers of grains, meats, and wool. The agricultural sector makes up $67 billion of Australia’s total GDP – but the importance of farming to local communities and the number of jobs supported by Aussie agriculture is even greater.

For farmers, service providers, dealers, and more, agricultural shows are the biggest sales opportunities of the year and a great chance to enhance the level of education around agriculture in Australia.

There are over 580 agricultural shows held in Australia every year. These shows are a fixture of Australian life, promoting the latest innovations and strategies in the industry in a fun and inclusive environment. Agricultural shows educate the community about where their food comes from and how it’s produced, and they’re an excellent opportunity for those in the Ag industry to connect.

Agricultural shows also promote healthy competition among large and small players in the industry. It’s a chance for producers to be recognised and awarded for their achievements, whether that’s a hefty amount of prize money or a well-deserved reputation boost.

Unfortunately, many of Australia’s agricultural shows had to be cancelled or postponed in 2020 – In fact, only 55 of them went ahead. However, this year they are back and better than ever. Note that some dates have been altered for 2021, and not all shows will proceed in 2021, depending on local Covid-19 incidents and policies.

Want to know what the top agricultural shows in Australia are? Give this article a scroll! We’ve picked out the biggest Ag shows in each state, but for a complete list of local shows and exhibitions, you can follow the links included.

Western Australia Agricultural Shows

Wanneroo Agricultural Show

Location: Wanneroo Showgrounds, City of Wanneroo, WA

Date: Last Friday and Saturday in November

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 10,000 visitors

About: This event is commonly known as the Wanneroo Show. It was officially opened by Sir John Forrest back in 1909 and is organised by volunteers at the Wanneroo Agricultural Society (Inc.) Every year the event showcases a variety of agricultural, horticultural and other associated industries within the region. More than 20 categories are exhibited each year, including photography, horse shows, and horticulture. There is also entertainment available for the whole family, including stage shows of singers, dancers, bands and other fantastic performers.


Perth Royal Show

Location: Claremont Showground, Perth, WA

Date: Last week of September or first week of October

Length: 8 days

Size: Around 350,000 visitors

About: The Perth Royal Show has been held for over 100 years! The show is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia and showcases various Western Australian industries, but agriculture is the primary focus. The show is one of Perth’s best events for showcasing new farm animal breeds, animal displays, informational exhibits and agricultural competitions and sports. All major attractions are free, and a fairground, rides, and show bags are all available for added family fun.


Dowerin Field Days

Location: Field Days Site, Memorial Avenue, Dowerin, WA

Date: August 25 to August 26

Length: 2 days

Size: Over 25,000 visitors

About: Dowerin Field Days, or Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days, is a popular agricultural expo showcasing manufacturers and distributors of farm machinery, allied equipment, and rural services. It’s considered to be one of the three largest agricultural machinery events in Australia. The event showcases products and services that the region’s agriculture and farming businesses provide and serves as an avenue to promote such brands. In addition, it is a valuable shop window for the farming community and aims to fundraise and support community groups and projects in the Wheatbelt.


Wagin Woolorama

Location: Wagin Showground, 15 Ballagin St, Wagin WA

Date: Every March 5 to 6

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 25,000 visitors and 300 to 500 exhibitors

About: Wagin Woolorama is WA’s largest regional agricultural show. It is loved for its festive and educational setting and is geared towards family enjoyment and positive community values. Among the most popular exhibits are wool handling and shearing competitions, wet markets, travel exhibits and a spectacular rodeo. This show is a fantastic day out for the whole family with art, photography, crafts, home industries, fashion, rides, and other entertainment on offer.


Harvey Agricultural Show

Location: Harvey Recreation Grounds, Harvey, WA

Date: Every 24th of April

Length: 1 day

About: The Harvey Agricultural Show is hosted by the Harvey Agricultural Society and is a family-focused event that centres around agriculture and forestry. This event promotes livestock and agricultural products and services, including equipment and machinery. In addition, the show hosts horsing events such as equestrian and show jumping to keep the public entertained and showcases arts and crafts and local produce. There are also plenty of free activities for the kids to do, making this an incredible event for the whole family.


McIntosh and Son Mingenew Midwest Expo

Location: Mingenew Midwest Expo, Mingenew, WA

Date: Every August 15 to 16

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 1000 to 5000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors

About: McIntosh and Son Mingenew Expo is the largest agricultural trade and lifestyle event in the Midwest of WA. This not for profit event is overseen by a skills-based voluntary board and is geared towards providing a positive and sustainable future of farming. This event shines a strong spotlight on agricultural innovation and technology, providing an exciting insight into the future of the farming industry. With the opportunity to meet industry leaders and participate in fun events and competitions, this event has something for the whole family.


These are just a few of the best Agricultural Shows in Western Australia. You can find a comprehensive list of Ag shows in WA on the ASA website.

Queensland Agricultural Shows
FarmFest Queensland

Location: CRT FarmFest Kingsthorpe Park, Kingsthorpe, QLD

Date: June 8 to 10

Length: 3 days

Size: Over 60,000 visitors and showcases over 2,000 businesses

About: FarmFest showcases farming equipment and materials such as ATVs, augers, bins, boom sprays, bull bars, brush cutters, cultivators, tractor engines, loaders and more. The event also displays fuel management equipment, grain dryers, grader blades, and harvesters. This is the perfect event to try and buy the latest agricultural products and experience live demonstrations.


Farm Fantastic Expo

Location: Caboolture Showgrounds, Beerburrum Road, Caboolture, QLD

Date: Every October 23 to 25 (In 2021, the expo has been moved to July 2 to 4)

Length: 3 days

Size: Over 10,000 with up to 200 exhibitors

About: The Farm Fantastic Expo is South East Queensland’s premier rural trade and retail event. It showcases products and services relating to the farming and agricultural industries, outdoor adventure, tools, gadgets, gourmet foods, gardening and more. Also included at the expo are demonstrations on working dogs, sheep shearing, elite horsemanship and cooking!



Location: Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane, QLD

Date: Every August 7 to 15

Length: 10 days

Size: Around 400,000 visitors and over 500 exhibitors

About: The Ekka is run by the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland and is considered one of the largest annual events in Brisbane! It has more than 21,000 competition entries, from wood chopping to a competition for giant vegetables. In addition, the event displays 10,000 animals, ranging from beef cattle to pets like cats and dogs. There is also world-class live entertainment, award-winning food and wine tasting, carnival rides, show bags, family shopping, educational activities, and more.


Royal Toowoomba Show

Location: Royal Toowoomba Showgrounds, Darling Downs, QLD

Date: April 16 to 18

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 30,000 visitors

About: The Royal Toowoomba Show is regarded as the southern counterpart of the Ekka. The show exhibits the lifestyle of many Queenslanders through livestock judging, equestrian events, animal breeders competition, produce competitions, wood chopping, and other events. The event even includes live entertainment, sports, food tasting, and fashion shows. One of the show’s most popular features is the inclusion of sideshows that highlight show rides, food stalls, games of skill, and show bag stalls.


Ag-Grow Emerald Field Days

Location: Ag-Grow Emerald, Emerald, QLD

Date: Every 2nd or 3rd week of June

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 28,000 visitors and over 1500 companies involved

About: The Ag-Grow Emerald Field Days is a marketing event that allows farming and agriculture-based businesses in Central Western Queensland to launch their agricultural products and services. It is one of Australia’s top 5 field days and is a platform where new agricultural innovations can be promoted and showcased. This event continues to grow and introduces 30 to 50 new exhibitors every year.


Rockhampton Agricultural Show

Location: Rockhampton Showgrounds, Rockhampton, QLD

Date: 9 and 11 of June

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 40,000 visitors

About: The Rockhampton Agricultural Show is a much-anticipated event for locals and visitors alike. The entry fee for this fun event is just $5 and offers a great amount of family-friendly activities focusing on agriculture and forestry. The event is filled with rides, sideshows, show bags, food tasting, traditional performances, and exciting entertainment programs.


Beef Australia

Location: Rockhampton Showground, Rockhampton, QLD

Date: Every May 2 to 8, held every 3 years

Length: 1 week

Size: Up to 100,000 visitors

About: Beef Australia is a celebration of the local beef industry in Central Queensland and offers fantastic opportunities to facilitate new trade and export ventures. The event has attracted numerous celebrity chefs to the city, who give live demonstrations on preparing famous beef dishes. Also included at this event is cattle judging, symposiums, seminars, organised tours of local cattle properties, educational opportunities for children, numerous trade exhibitions, and live entertainment.


To view a list of all Queensland Agricultural Shows, visit the ASA website.

New South Wales Agricultural Shows


Location: 134 Black Jack Road, Gunnedah, NSW

Date: August 17 to 19

Length: 3 days

Size: Over 100,000 visitors and 3,000 companies represented

About: The AgQuip Field Day is regarded as Australia’s largest annual industry field day. It is a highly notable event for both exhibitors and visitors. This event is the perfect opportunity to promote brands, generate sales, and interact with consumers. AgQuip helps connect manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of agricultural and associated products and services.


Australian National Field Days

Location: 563 Borenore Road, Borenore, NSW

Date: Third week of October

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 5,000 to 20,000 visitors and over 600 exhibitors

About: Australian National Field Days was established in 1952 and is the oldest annual agricultural exhibition in the country. The event offers the visitors a unique insight into the future of agriculture with the commitment to ‘Advancing Australian Agriculture’. This not-for-profit event provides lots to see and do, including equipment and machinery demonstrations, sheep and cattle activities, sheepdog trials, and various entertainment options.


Henty Machinery Field Days

Location: Henty-Cookardinia Road, Henty, NSW

Date: Third week of September

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 60,000 visitors and over 800 exhibitors

About: Henty Machinery Field Days is regarded as southern Australia’s single biggest agricultural event. It showcases the latest in machinery and farm equipment, outdoor and camping products, farm produce, agronomy, country lifestyle, government and health services, agribusiness, and financial services. This is a not-for-profit, farmer-driven event and run by a board of seven cooperative members.


Riverina Field Days

Location: Griffith Showgrounds, Griffith, NSW

Date: Second Friday and Saturday of May

Length: 2 days

Size: Up to 12,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors

About: The Riverina Field Days continually attracts more spectators every year because of its evolving range of attractions and quality exhibitors. In addition to automotive and agricultural machinery displays, organisers of this event also provide a kids area with jumping castles, bungee jumps, animals, show rides, and show bags. Other popular attractions include yard dog trials, cooking demos and rock climbing. It is a perfect combination of exhibitors, family attractions, entertainment, food, and product demos.


Murrumbateman Field Days

Location: Recreation Grounds, 19 East Street, Murrumbateman, NSW

Date: Third weekend of October

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 20,000 visitors

About: Murrumbateman Field Days is the flagship annual event in the Yass Valley covering industries involving home improvement, local produce, and wine. It is one of many events operated by Murrumbateman Progress Association, a voluntary not-for-profit, community-based association working in Murrumbateman, New South Wales. Along with the usual exhibits, the event also includes a children’s farmyard with baby farm animals, pony rides, and painting workshops. Locals and visitors can also buy local and regional products during the event.


Newcastle Regional Show

Location: Newcastle Regional Showground, Broadmeadow, Newcastle, NSW

Date: First week of March

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 5,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors

About: The Newcastle Regional Show is renowned for delivering ‘’out of the box’’ marketing campaigns for the agriculture sector. The show promotes the farming and agricultural industry of the Hunter Region and creates a space to buy and sell agricultural products and services, educate farmers, showcase innovations, and celebrate the culture of the region. Off-road rides, show bags, monster truck stunts, and demolition derbies never fail to delight the crowd. A traditional animal nursery and wood chopping activities are also included in the 3-day event.


Sydney Royal Easter Show

Location: Sydney Showground, Sydney, NSW

Date: April 1 to 12

Length: 2 weeks

Size: Over 800,000 visitors and over 450 exhibitors

About: The Easter Show is a fun mixture of an agricultural show, an amusement park, and a fair. The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales organises the event that features products from handicrafts to food. The show includes competitions in arts and crafts, photography exhibits, and cooking contests and also features shopping carts, restaurants, and commercial stands for horticultural displays.


Primex Field Days

Location: Primex Field Days, Casino, NSW

Date: May 20 to 22

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 25,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors

About: Primex is the complete Aussie production for all farmers, foodies, and families, showcasing sustainable innovations in the agricultural industry. The event aims to broaden the field day experiences by cementing networks and relationships between sustainable farmers and suppliers. The event also helps to connect these businesses to consumers, foodies, and industry organisations.


The complete list of Agricultural Shows in New South Wales can be found on the ASA website.

Victoria Agricultural Shows

Elmore Field Days

Location: Elmore Events Centre, Bendigo, VIC

Date: First week of October

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 35,000 visitors

About: Elmore Field Days is an event highlighting farm produce and machinery. The event features business growth seminars, farm machinery demonstrations, livestock showcases, tillage and cropping demonstrations, and ewe trials. To keep everyone entertained, there’s also live music, great food, and kid’s activities. The community-run, not for profit event strives to provide a flow of economic benefits to regional areas.


Mallee Machinery Field Days

Location: 2574 Sunraysia Highway, Melbourne, VIC

Date: First Wednesday and Thursday of August

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 8,500 visitors and over 350 exhibitors

About: Mallee Machinery Field Days has grown to become one of the biggest in the state, comprising both big and small farming machinery dealers. This event allows businesses to promote new agricultural machinery, access finance and brokering services and shop tools, hardware, GPS and new technologies and safety gear. A section of the event is also dedicated to arts and crafts, including fashion parades and demonstrations.


Ballarat Show

Location: Ballarat Showgrounds, Ballarat, VIC

Date: Friday to Sunday ending on the second Sunday in November

Length: 3 days

Size: Up to 25,000 visitors

About: The Ballarat Show is an agricultural event run by the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society. Focusing on the farming industries of Victoria, this event provides livestock judging, equestrians, animal breeder competitions, produce competitions, and wood chopping. It also features live entertainment, sporting events, food tasting, and fashion shows. Head to the show on Saturday for ‘family day’ to receive discounts and savings on a number of rides!


Royal Geelong Show

Location: Geelong Showgrounds Market, Breakwater Road, Geelong, VIC

Date: Thursday to Sunday, ending on the third Sunday in October

Length: 4 days

Size: Up to 100,000 visitors

About: The Royal Geelong Show is the largest regional show in the state, bolstering a carnival atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The show is jam-packed full of competitions, vintage machinery displays, live entertainment, nightly arena entertainment, rides, and show bags.


Royal Melbourne Show

Location: Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne, VIC

Date: Last week of September to early October

Length: 11 days

Size: Around 450,000 and over 500 exhibitors

About: The Royal Melbourne Show is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and has been running for over 160 years! This event brings a vast range of all-inclusive, interactive, fun activities and attractions. More importantly, the Royal Melbourne Show showcases the region’s agricultural products, services, innovations, and achievements.


The Mildura Show

Location: Mildura Showgrounds, Mildura, VIC

Date: Third weekend of October

Length: 3 days

About: The Mildura Show is the third largest show in the state. The exhibition includes automotive shows, circus performances, a firework display, wildlife shows and even interactive kids shows. Visitors can also visit traditional exhibits, have fun in petting zoos, join cooking lessons, and watch botanical shows. There is really something for the whole family at this fun-filled show.


East Gippsland Field Days

Location: Bairnsdale Aerodrome, Bengworden Road, Bairnsdale, Melbourne

Date: 2nd week of April

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 8,000 to 10,000 visitors and over 350 exhibitors

About: East Gippsland Field Days features 750,000 hectares of the region’s holdings of agricultural property. Among the products displayed are beef, wool, dairy, vegetables, and crops. East Gippsland is also home to Australia’s largest fishing fleet. This event is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to see a vast range of marine and agricultural products in one location.


To see the complete list of Agricultural Shows in Victoria, visit this ASA website.

ACT Agricultural Shows

Royal Canberra Show

Location: Flemington Road, Mitchell, ACT

Date: Last week of February

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 100,000

About: The Royal Canberra Show has broadened its coverage over the years, expanding the event by adding rides, competitions, and educational facilities. However, agriculture is still at its core. The event is described as a vibrant mix of ‘’city meeting country’’ and promotes local food and drink suppliers and agricultural exhibits.



Location: Commonwealth Park, Canberra

Date: September to October

Length: 1 month

Size: Over 300,000 visitors

About: The term Floriade literally translates to “flower.” This free festival is known as ‘’Australia’s Celebration of Spring’’ and is considered the most significant regular event for tourism in the Australian Capital Territory. Exhibitors display and sell decorative indoor and outdoor potted plants, cut flowers, seedlings, bulbs, plant feed, fertilisers, and plant medicines. They also display greenhouse equipment, watering and fertilising systems, and many types of floriculture associated equipment.


Visit this website to see the other ACT Agricultural Shows throughout the year.

Tasmania Agricultural Shows


Location: Quercus Rural Youth Park, Launceston, TAS

Date: First week of May

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 63,000 visitors and over 700 exhibitors

About: Agfest is Tasmania’s premier agricultural event and has the second-highest attendance of all agricultural field days in Australia! Volunteer members of Rural Youth Tasmania organise the event, and in addition to agriculture, this event encompasses the leisure, automotive, clothing, housewares, and food industries. Some of the most popular exhibits include a heritage display and a craft market.


Huon Show

Location: Ranelagh Recreation Ground, Ranelagh, TAS

Date: Second week of November

Length: 1 day

Size: Around 10,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors

About: The Huon Show is an annual agricultural show organised by Huon Agricultural Society, Inc. The show exhibits an extensive range of attractions ranging from agriculture to floriculture and even local businesses. The event is loved as a classic country show, offering entertainment, competition and a great range of agricultural machinery and equipment.


Royal Hobart Show

Location: Hobart Showground, 2 Howard Road, Glenorchy TAS

Date: Wednesday through to Saturday, ending on the fourth Saturday of October

Length: 4 days

Size: Around 40,000 visitors

About: The Royal Hobart Show is hosted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania. This event features agricultural exhibits, livestock and pets, food stalls, carnivals, show bags, commercial exhibitors and first-class entertainment. This event is loved by attendees for its seamless mix of country heritage to city charm, offering something for everyone.


Royal Launceston Show

Location: Launceston Showgrounds, Forster Street, Launceston TAS

Date: 2nd week of October

Length: 1 day

Size: Around 15,000 people

About: The Royal Launceston Show is hosted by the Royal National Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Tasmania. The show highlights the rural lifestyle loved by many Tasmanians and includes events such as livestock judging, equestrian sports, animal breeder competitions, and produce competitions. There are also show rides, food stalls, and show bag stalls to keep visitors entertained.


View the complete list of Agricultural Shows in Tasmania on the ASA website.

South Australia Agricultural Shows

Yorke Peninsula Field Days

Location: Paskeville, Yorke Peninsula, SA

Date: Third week of September, biennial

Length: 3 days

Size: Around 30,000 visitors and over 700 exhibitors

About: Yorke Peninsula Field Days are among the oldest of these events in Australia and one of the biggest! Displaying the latest in agricultural machinery, equipment, and technology, the event also includes fashion parades and guest speaker presentations. Local businesses also use this event to sell quality crafts, sheep wool, and general interest products and services.


Royal Adelaide Show

Location: Adelaide Showground, Goodwood Road, Wayville, SA

Date: Early September to mid-September

Length: 9 days

Size: Up to 500,000 visitors and over 450 exhibitors

About: The Royal Adelaide Show is run by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South
Australia and is the longest-running event in the state. The event features products, services, and events on livestock, produce, pets, arts, food, and beverages.



Location: Broken Hill Racecourse, 220 Racecourse Road, Adelaide, SA

Date: First week of May, biennial

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 10,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors

About: Agfair is one of the most diverse agricultural events as participants and exhibitors come from all regions of Australia. Participants are often treated to the most up-to-date information and research relating to the farming and agricultural industry. Other fun-filled activities on offer include celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, aerobic displays, rock climbing, race car simulators and a bungee trampoline.


For more South Australian Agricultural Shows, visit the ASA website.

Northern Territory Agricultural Shows

Royal Darwin Show

Location: Darwin Showgrounds, Tate Place, Winnellie, NT

Date: Third week of July

Length: 5 days

Size: Around 50,000 visitors and over 250 exhibitors

About: The Royal Darwin Show remains one of the largest community events of its kind in northern Australia. The event is run by The Royal Agricultural Society of NT (Inc.), and exhibitors showcase talents, skills, produce, food, arts, crafts, livestock, and other agriculture-related goods and services. Of course, like many other events, there are also live entertainment and competitions.


Katherine Show and Rodeo

Location: Katherine Showgrounds, Victoria Highway, Katherine, NT

Date: First week of July

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 15,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors

About: Katherine Showgrounds and Rodeo is a fun event highlighting competitions such as dog jumping, lawnmower races, and wheelie bin races. There are also show rides, amusements, and free entertainment. Of course, there are also displays of farming, agriculture, and local enterprise.


Freds Pass Rural Show

Location: Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve, Bees Creeks, NT

Date: Third week of May

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 25,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors

About: Freds Pass Rural Show is a family-oriented event that attracts visitors from all over the Northern Territory. It is the perfect event to learn about what is being grown and produced in the region and celebrate agriculture, horticulture, sports, and community endeavours. In addition, there are events such as chainsaw carving, sideshows, horse jumping, and many more on offer.


Alice Springs Show

Location: Blatherskite Park / Alice Springs Show Grounds, NT

Date: First week of July

Length: 2 days

Size: Around 20,000 visitors

About: Alice Springs Show is a not-for-profit event managed by a volunteer committee. The show’s objective is to encourage, promote and support the local agriculture and pastoral industry. The event is filled with competitions, agricultural equipment and livestock displays, and farmyard showcases. Mixed with a variety of entertainment and educational activities, this event is fit for the whole family.


Here’s a complete list of the Northern Territory’s Agricultural Shows.

Related Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about agricultural shows in Australia.

Which were the first agricultural shows in Australia?

Agricultural shows in Australia date back to the 1800s. Back in 1822, Hobart hosted Australia’s very first Agricultural show. It was organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Australia on the site that is now the state’s Parliament House lawns.

The earliest available footage of an ag show in Australia is film from the 1907 Perth Royal show, which features a large crowd watching a cattle parade.

Agricultural shows have since grown across Australia, now drawing huge crowds in both cities and regional towns, and over the years have transitioned into action-packed, fun-filled family events.

Why are field days so important in Australia?

Field days call attention to new and exciting developments in the country’s agriculture industry. These events promote new practices, recognise successful farmers and lead the way for innovation and expansion of the agricultural sector across Australia.

These events bring together communities, big and small, and provide an environment for agriculture-related businesses, farmers, and consumers to connect. Field days are often community-run, volunteer-based events that unite various people across one of Australia’s primary industries.

These events also provide learning opportunities and pathways for students interested in agribusiness.

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Ben Boekeman

Ben Boekeman is head of Sales & Precision Farming at Boekeman Machinery and a third-generation member of the Boekeman family. Working out of our Wongan Hills branch, Ben is passionate about the agricultural industry and the future of precision agriculture.

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