New Launch Trimble XCN-1050 Diaplay

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Trimble XCN-1050 Display

New Launch Trimble XCN-1050 Diaplay

Features of the XCN-1050™ Display
The XCN-1050™ is a 10.1” mid-level LCD display featuring a high-resolution, multitouch screen. This new display continues the expansion of Android™ display devices with a new quad-core processor, improved performance with increased memory of the on-board ROM and RAM, CAN support, built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi, and — for the first time — BroadR-Reach® high-speed communications.

The display is environmentally hardened for agriculture vehicles and runs the Precision-IQ™ field application software. In combination with the new NAV-900 guidance controller, the XCN-1050™ display reduces the hardware and installation complexity for most installations. Features of the NAV-900 Guidance Controller The NAV-900 Guidance Controller features a powerful GNSS engine combined with its industry-leading Autopilot™ Guidance Controller in a single, roof-mounted enclosure. The multi-constellation GNSS receiver uses multiple frequencies (for example, L1, L2, L5) of satellite signals from each satellite system:
 Galileo
 Beidou
Using these additional satellite signals, this receiver provides faster RTX convergence times and more robust performance under natural obstacles such as trees. The NAV900 is also capable of receiving CenterPoint, RangePoint and xFill® correction signals from RTX satellites, which transmit in the mobile satellite service (MSS) band. The NAV-900 supports three types of guidance installations:
 CANbus – direct CANbus messages for guidance ready vehicles* (Feb. 2018
 Electric – using Autopilot Motor Drive*
 Hydraulic – using an external NAV III Autopilot guidance controller
The NAV-900 features simplified cabling, which significantly reduces installation and configuration times.

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