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We at Boekemans continue to lead the way in Precision Farming through our continual improvement of our precision products. Our commitment to Precision Farming and the agricultural industry is highlighted through our Precision Farming team we have at Boekemans. Our staff must be highly skilled in this area to manage the challenges customers may face, of which we guarantee our staff will solve any problem you may have.


We further make a commitment to you through;


  1. Boekemans Precision Farming Support Line & AgriSync
  2. Boekemans Ongoing Product Support (setup, support, upgrades, etc)
  3. Case IH & Trimble AFS Precision Product offerings:
    • ISOBUS Displays – Case IH Pro 700, and Trimble XCN-1050 and XCN-2050
    • Case IH Accuturn & Trimble Next Swath Automatic Turning
    • Case IH AFS Connect Wireless Reporting & Mapping
    • Case IH 300H Grain Analyser
    • Trimble Field IQ Input Controls
    • Boekemans RTK Network
    • Case IH AFS Software – Mapping & Records

BOEKEMANS Precision farming support line & Agrisync

Our Precision Farming team at Boekeman Machinery is constantly trying to improve our support and contact to our valuable customer.

This is why we have recently introduced ‘AGRISYNC’ to our company. Agrisync is a platform that can be used through Phone (landline or mobile), App or Computer and is a way to easily and quickly contact us, your Precision Farming advisers. You can either ”Call” your local dealership from the button below or Open a ”Ticket” through the App or Computer with a live video feed, or attaching Photos, Videos and comments as to a problem which we can assist in solving.

Gone are the days where our customers cannot get support due to unavailable advisers. Now with Agrisync, the Landline number calls the mobiles for ALL ADVISERS, so the chance of the call being answered, is far more likely.


The majority of our Case IH Machinery now come with the AFS Pro 700 Display pre-installed, with optional add-ons such as the Accuguide High Accuracy Hydraulic Auto Steer Controller and the Autopilot hands free steering system. No longer will you be working off two screens, with the new single 26cm touchscreen display presenting all necessary information including machine performance, guidance & data management and hydraulic auto guidance.

Contact us to see how we can get you connected today!


The AFS AccuControl crop input control system is a variable rate and sectional control system that utilizes the AFS Pro 700 display. Variable-rate and section controls can yield significant input cost savings and enhance yield characteristics through seed monitoring and mapping, auto section control, variable rate control and more. This allows for a single display solution when connecting a Case IH tractor to a non-Case IH implement such as a sprayer.

See for yourself by contacting one of our Precision Farming specialists.


Advance your operation with Case IH steering and guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.

See for yourself by contacting one of our Precision Farming specialists.

Productivity-enhancing benefits of AccuTurn include:

Turn-path planning and turn-speed optimization: Seemlessly navigate the tightest turns and position the tractor and implement into the next pass. The industry-exclusive Auto-speed feature provides automatic turn-path planning that adapts to each operation’s speed, including maximum-turn-speed alerts.

Precise product application to manage and control inputs: Intercept headlands or resume field passes with optimal implement position. This reduces inconsistencies seen through manual steering with mounted or trailing planters, seeders or fertilizer applicators at the end of the field.

Multiple modes of operation: Two intuitive settings — Automatic and Turn Now — allow operators to customise the level of automation to their application at hand, from tillage and side dressing to planting and seeding.

Flexibility for skip pass or pass-to-pass capabilities: Easily adapts to broadacre or row-crop applications for increased efficiencies and productivity.


AFS Software enables you to maximise the use of AFS technology, allowing you to view, edit, manage, analyse and utilise your Precision Farming data. With AFS Software, you can use data from not only your AFS Pro 700 display but also data provided by your agronomist.

‘AFS Mapping & Records’ in particular is a software we strongly recommend. It provides detailed maps and reports when data is imported into AFS Software from your AFS Pro 700 Display. 

This information will give users the ability to review performances and make management decisions on not only your machinery (such as equipment utilisation and engine hours), but decisions on your yield data, soil types, soil test results, hybrids and more. This results in the ability to create variable rate formulas to control the quantity of seed, chemicals and fertilizer used in specific areas of a paddock.

See for yourself by contacting one of our Precision Farming specialists.



We at Boekemans are the suppliers for Trimble and Topcon Precision Farming Products and stock a range of second hand Case IH AFS, Trimble and Topcon products. If you are looking to install or upgrade your precision farming products into your Harvester, Tractor, Sprayer or other equipment, we have a fantastic range of Display, Automatic Steering and Precision Accessories & Parts available for sale.

Simply click below to view our new and used Precision products available for immediate sale.


The Boekemans RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Network is the largest Network in the Central Wheatbelt, Western Australia. Spanning almost 2 million hectares, with over 35 base stations in use, the RTK Network reaches as far as Latham in the North, Brookton in the South, to Beacon in the East and New Norcia on the West. RTK gives users the ability to operate their machinery at an accuracy of +/- 2.5cm 95% of the time. This allows farmers to work at full capacity, productivity and efficiency.

For more information about coverage and the benefits of RTK click below.


All of Boekemans Precision products are now GLONASS enabled, providing users with the ability to utilise the Russian GLONASS satellite system. When used in coordination with the US GPS system, the number of satellites available to a receiver at any one time is greatly increased, resulting in increased uptime during crucial field operations. We therefore strongly recommend using GLONASS in addition to GPS in order to have more satellites available for use, which ultimately allows for uninterrupted operation, greater uptime and increased accuracy.

Please contact us to enquire about getting GLONASS ready.


Case IH’s AFS Connect, is now the latest innovation and the way of the future, through reporting and mapping directly to your computers, mobiles and tablets. The AFS Connect program uses positioning systems and mobile technology to send and receive agronomic and job-site machinery information. Now available is the ability to view all data up-to-the-minute on all equipment, in order to review key reports such as equipment utilisation and engine hours.

See for yourself by contacting one of our Precision Farming specialists.


The Trimble® Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables productive and efficient functionality for your planting, nutrient and pest management operations. The Field-IQ system works with the Trimble TMX-2050 display and CFX-750™ display.

The Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides key precision agriculture functionality for your flow and application control.

In summary the main advantage of the FIQ system is:

  • Variable rate application control
  • Automatic section control – For setup of a NON-AUTO SECTIONAL CONTROL SPRAYER
  • Boom height control
  • Seed monitoring
  • Spinner speed control

See for yourself by contacting one of our Precision Farming specialists.

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Boekemans RTK Network

The Boekemans RTK Network is the largest Network in the Central Wheatbelt. Spanning almost 2 million hectares, with over 35 base stations in use, the RTK Network reaches as far as Latham in the North, Brookton in the South, to Beacon in the East and New Norcia on the West. Both of our RTK Base Stations and Repeaters work together to give you a range that covers the majority of the Wheatbelt so that our customers can work at full capacity, productivity and efficiency.

Immense increase in productivity

The significance of RTK is its ability to operate machinery at an accuracy of +/- 2.5cm 95% of the time. RTK sends correction information to receivers to correct GPS/GLONASS signals. RTK will strongly assist with less overlap and the ability to run precise controlled traffic, which ultimately leads to greater efficiency and productivity and a reduction in overall costs. For the driver, the accuracy will help reduce fatigue and guarantee continual accuracy in rain or fog. All new Case IH machinery fitted with precision products should have the ability to use our RTK network. In addition the majority of Trimble’s precision products are fitted for RTK.

no positional errors

Having a Base Station which is fixed (RTK Stations) means that recorded data does not move, resulting in accuracy of up to one centimeter. In comparison, using solely GPS (and/or GLONASS) satellites can cause positional errors of up to 15 metres due to atmospheric delays and orbital errors.

Expert Support

We have a fully trained Precision Farming Sales & Support experts at each of our four branches (Dalwallinu, Dowerin, Northam & Wongan Hills) available to discuss any matters you may have. Our support package ensures any questions and queries are answered as soon as possible with expert support.

It is with our commitment to the agricultural industry that we have in place innovations which will create efficiencies and ultimately save costs for our customers and farmers. The large capital expenditure to set up one’s own RTK Network, along with the expertise required to set up Base Stations is also the reason customers use our RTK Network.


“We have crew stay with us from Boekeman from time to time. They are always clean, courteous and pleasant to deal with.”
– Wheatland Motel Dalwallinu

Desktop Software Service

Mapping and records

AFS Desktop Software called Mapping and Records allows for record keeping of fields, mapping and analysis. Layer a variety of topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance and compare these with average multiple year maps to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Variable rate prescription maps using formulas based on soil types can also be created, together with yield or other maps. Guidance paths can be created or edited and reports can be printed for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertiliser usage, equipment maintenance and more.


Case IH AFS Software lets you manage, view and edit all the precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment, as well as other precision farming data sources. Organise all your data with a single software program, then generate and print layouts, reports and charts. Share maps and reports with landlords, consultants, etc.

Precision Farming Data Services

Management Tree & Yield Data Cleaning & Boundary Import

This service will import and clean your yield data and management tree. We will import and clean/organise the data in the AFS Mapping Software and return it to you as a backup file ready to restore on your AFS software (must be purchased) and Pro 700 or Trimble Screen. Tasks Involved include;

  • Import all data from USB – Including Yield Maps, Boundaries, AB Lines, etc
  • Remove pre-agreed errors in the data
  • Ensure all data is in the correct grower, farm and field
  • Clean up and review AB Lines (Create offsets for different Implements if required)
  • Boundary Import (If created with Loom see below)
  • Clean up the Management tree with Grower, Farms and Fields
  • Provide Instructions on how to clean data off Pro 700 and Trimble Screens
  • Export the Management Tree Including Boundaries and AB Lines to USB to upload onto Pro 700 or Trimble Screen
  • Print and present Yield Maps

Cost: Enquire

Boundary Creation

This service will enable permanent boundary creation of all paddocks required (RTK is required to record these boundaries which are imported into the software). The benefit of boundaries includes;


  • Use of accurate Automatic Turning Using Case IH’s Accuturn via Pro 700 (Magnum & Steiger Only)
  • Ability to draw Variable Rate Prescription Maps
  • Alert those driving the machinery on when the boundary is ending and obstacles are approaching
  • Auto Select of a Paddock when the driver enters the paddock

Cost: $750+GST Per Boundary Loom

Note: Boundary Loom can be fitted into Ute/Vehicle connected to the Battery, Pro 700 and AG372 at RTK

Note: Our precision farming specialists can record these boundaries for you at $10 Per Klm travelled

The CNH Industrial Autonomous Tractor Concept!



Support Information & Instructions

i4M VR Hyd Controller Quick Start Guide

i4M Account and Map transfer

i4M Frequently Asked Questions

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