Flexi-coil Air Cart generates interest

ON Monday, Boekeman Machinery held its fifth seeding demonstration at the 95-hectare Calingiri Football Club paddock.

The Case IH 600 Quadtrac, with a 60 Series Flexi-Coil air cart and Ausplow DBS D300-61 airseeder bar in tow, was the gear in action.

Boekeman Machinery staff said it was a successful day, with the turnout exceeding expectations – and the promise of a beer and barbecue certainly didn’t hurt interest in the proceedings.

“You can spend a billion dollars on marketing but you might never sell a tractor,” said Boekeman Machinery sales and precision ag consultant, Ewan McLintock.

“But you do one or two demos, more than likely, you will sell a tractor because it’s the most proven way to sell a piece of machinery.”

Mr McLintock said so far, the 60 Series Flexi-Coil air cart, which came to the market in 2023, was generating the most interest among attendees across the various demonstations.

“A lot of these guys have already got the DBS, so I’d say two-thirds of interest so far is in the Flexi-Coil,” he said.

He laid out some of the attractive features of the machinery in question, saying “it’s got individual section control, and it’s got turn compensation.”

The Flexi-Coil’s sectional control means farmers can control up to 10 sections of the air cart, granting greater application accuracy and eliminating redundant applications of seed and fertiliser.


Moreover, the guess work from rate setting is largely done with thanks to the ability to set and vary product rates from the tractor cab with the smart FlexControl IV touchscreen.

Also, each primary metering system operates via an independent 24 volt electric drive motor with integrated controls, and product can be applied in a single shoot or double shoot applications with the FlexRate Modular Metering system.

“I’m pretty impressed with it, I was a bit skeptical at first but it’s certainly come around on me, it’s working pretty well,” Mr McLintoch said.

He said his skepticism was down to it being the first time Boekeman Machinery had utilised a Flexi-Coil product in quite some time.

“It’s the first time we’ve utilised this model of bin, this 60 Series bin, obviously with the new comes skepticism and there’s certainly a lot more electronics on it.

“There’s a lot of systems working together there, and it’s ended up working really well – we think we’re onto a winner with it.”


As far as what was being seeded at the demonstration, it was only wheat.

“Certainly for demos, it’s a big job to clean out the bins and stuff – when you’re changing from wheat to, let’s say barley, you have to make sure the bin is pristine because you can’t sift barley from wheat and vice versa,” Mr McLintock said.

“It’s different from canola, you can get rid of canola fairly easily, but certainly with your cereal crops you have to stick to one – it’s the same with demonstrating a header as well, because we have to keep thoroughly cleaning the header, it just makes it inefficient.

“We want it to be every day, a demo.”

Boekeman Machinery group sales manager, Ben Boekeman, said the Flexi-Coil now had a liquid system, which was a growing demand in Western Australia.

“Liquid gives the grower the opportunity to actually put the nutrients exactly where they’ll want it, whereas previously, a granular fertiliser, used to be spread, so the liquid is just a better way to apply it exactly where you want it,” Mr Boekeman said.

He said the demonstrations were a good opportunity for their staff as well, “to make sure we know about the product and how to operate it”.

“So they know, as salesmen, when they get asked about it, they can answer the questions,” Mr Boekeman said.

Written by Rhys Tarling – Farm Weekly



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Ben Boekeman is head of Sales & Precision Farming at Boekeman Machinery and a third-generation member of the Boekeman family. Working out of our Wongan Hills branch, Ben is passionate about the agricultural industry and the future of precision agriculture.

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